In 2017 I founded Krarup Textil, a consulting agency that offers expertise in the fields of quality assurance, supplier manuals, corporate responsibility as well as professional assistance in claims handling and guidance on legal regulations within the fashion and textile industry. I work with product development, quality assurance and product safety while specializing in the making and implementation of procedures for chemical management. I have a background working in the Danish fashion industry, and have accumulated more than 30 years worth of experience collaborating with a wide array of both established brands and institutions.

About Krarup Textil

Krarup Textil is a Copenhagen-based consulting agency offering expertise in the fields of quality assurance, corporate responsibility and chemical management. We also offer professional assistance in claims handling and guidance on legal regulations within the fashion and textile industry.

We are keen to help you in the development of quality performance standards for fabric, garments and footwear to ensure that you produce high-quality products that meet the customers’ expectations. As part of this, we can also assist you in developing quality assurance manuals for quality control of said products.


Understanding the complications of keeping up with the constantly changing legal regulations and rules within the fashion and textile industry can be difficult, and our expertise in the field ensures that we are ready to help you and your company understand the ins and outs of these regulations, and make sure that you comply with them in the most optimal way.

We guarantee that our advice and guidance is in accordance with current best practice guidelines, so that your company can be safe, responsible and sustainable while remaining at the top of its game

Professional background

Kis Krarup has unparalleled knowledge of the Danish fashion industry and has accumulated more than 30 years’ worth of experience collaborating with a wide array of established brands and institutions. Kis’ expertise in the field comes from working with several brands under the IC Group and from her time as a lecturer and speaker at Copenhagen School of Technology and The Danish Fashion Institute.

Kis has extensive experience with product development and quality assurance and specializes in the development of supplier- and code of conduct manuals. She has helped develop several chemical manuals for both the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and Dansk Mode og Textil and has made the creation and implementation of chemical management procedures her specialty

Services / What we offer


At Krarup Textil we are able to help you in the development and making of supplier manuals, and support you in the initial planning, creation and implementation of these to best fit your business and your wishes.

Specifically, we are able to help you develop manuals for supplier obligations and trading conditions, compliance manuals such as code of conduct and CSR policies and quality assurance manuals. We can help you develop manuals for chemical management and product safety and assist you in the product development stages to optimize supply chain processes.

We are always ready to evaluate current manuals and can help you develop sufficient policies that comply with current government rules and legislation within the fashion and textile industry.

Supplier Manual

 We can help you develop manuals regarding supplier obligations and your standard terms and conditions of trade right from the get-go. Understanding and establishing an efficient supplier manual can help your suppliers understand your quality process and your social- and environmental considerations and requirements. Having a well-planned supplier manual will eventually help you minimize costs and risks associated with your suppliers and the sourcing of materials and products. Compiling all supplier relevant information in one set manual will make it easier for your suppliers to meet your expectations and serves as a contract between the two of you.

Compliance Manuals and Code of Conduct

Your code of conduct is a set of rules outlining your specific principles concerning working condition, ethical considerations, anti-corruption and the environmental footprint left behind by your company operations. We can support you in the making of your company’s corporate social responsibility manual, and with your vision and values as a foundation we ensure that your code of conduct reflects your brand identity and business strengths.

Furthermore, we can help you develop your own chemical manual, to ensure that you avoid unwanted chemicals in your textiles and garment production. Read more here.

Product Requirements Manuals & Quality Assurance Manuals

Have you yet to determine quality demands and standard terms for your products? Or should you need help with setting quality standards, quality control or even on EU labelling regulations? Let us help you develop both your product requirements and quality assurance manuals.

We can help you develop sufficient policies and are always ready to assist you in evaluating current manuals. Setting quality demands and following a checklist will help guarantee your production demands are followed and help bring down unwanted costs and returns from customers.

So, have you yet to familiarize yourself with the General Product Safety Directive and regulations on textile fiber names and labelling? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Chemical Management

Garment production can be a chemical-heavy process and potentially harmful to the environment, your consumers and your employees if not handled responsibly. With our extensive knowledge in the field of chemical management and central regulations on textile production within the EU, Krarup Textil can provide you with the tools necessary to make your textile production safe and sustainable.

Krarup Textil will also be able to support you in the evaluation of current management practices and help you review and improve existing manuals to comply with new rules and regulations. So should you need help determining if you suppliers comply with REACH or provide basic knowledge training, we’re ready to lend a hand and take a look.

Practically, we can help you develop and implement your company’s chemical management processes and risk assessment tools in accordance with current national and EU legislation’s.


We at Krarup Textil offer practical and high-quality learning within a wide array of key areas in the fashion industry to address challenges and fulfill your business’ potential. With prior experience from teaching and workshop facilitation we can help set up seminars and workshops in sourcing, production and design areas. This helps train internal and external stakeholders such as buyers, designers and suppliers.

We can also provide in-depth training of internal stakeholders in quality assurance, textile knowledge, animal welfare, sustainable processes and sustainability in raw materials. Secondly, we can help train external stakeholders such as suppliers, agents and trading partners in your company’s quality requirements.

Additionally, we can organise textile knowledge workshops exploring sustainable materials and alternative fabrics. We also offer hands-on learning on chemical management and assistance in making and implementing procedures so that you can avoid unwanted chemicals in your textiles and garments.

Through workshops and seminars we can teach you and your staff how to implement new manuals, as well as help your employees continuously update expired manuals to comply with new company initiatives.

We wish to work closely and collaboratively with you and your company to ensure that we meet your needs and wishes for your brand. Our workshops are tailored to meet specific requirements and practices to promise the best result for each individual client.


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