About Krarup Textil

Krarup Textil is a Copenhagen-based consulting agency offering expertise in the fields of quality assurance, corporate responsibility and chemical management. We also offer professional assistance in claims handling and guidance on legal regulations within the fashion and textile industry.

We are keen to help you in the development of quality performance standards for fabric, garments and footwear to ensure that you produce high-quality products that meet the customers’ expectations. As part of this, we can also assist you in developing quality assurance manuals for quality control of said products.


Understanding the complications of keeping up with the constantly changing legal regulations and rules within the fashion and textile industry can be difficult, and our expertise in the field ensures that we are ready to help you and your company understand the ins and outs of these regulations, and make sure that you comply with them in the most optimal way.

We guarantee that our advice and guidance is in accordance with current best practice guidelines, so that your company can be safe, responsible and sustainable while remaining at the top of its game